Kerry Tribe

Here & Elsewhere

  Schepenhuis (Old House of Aldermen)
United States
°1973, Boston
lives in Los Angeles
In Here & Elsewhere two synchronised videos are projected side by side. Merely separated by a fine seam, they can fully interact. The thread of the interplay is an interview. The questions are posed by a man who remains outside of the image the whole time (an older man, his voice sounds withered). The answers come from a young girl who reacts amazingly calm to the difficult themes that are presented to her. It’s definitely not your everyday conversation. Step by step it goes further and further. It’s about history, memory, intersubjectivity, temporality, epistemology (the science of sciences), photography and desire. The girl has an opinion on everything and she is able to voice them very clearly, but also very directly. From time to time, the interviewer and the interviewee give themselves and the attentive spectator a minute to rest: interior shots show us the girl doing her usual domestic activities and the exterior shots take you in and around Los Angeles.

The interviewer is the British film critic and theorist Peter Wollen. The girl is his daughter, Audrey. She was only ten at the time of this conversation. The questions are loosely based on FRANCE / TOUR / DETOUR / DEUX / ENFANTS (1978), a series of experimental videos made for television by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville. The relations that originate between the images on both sides of the vertical seam, form a structural frame for the ideas that are voiced here. The frame is not unambiguous, but in turn reflects continuity, friction, hesitations and overlaps. These variations show the desire of a young girl and the great effort she makes to find her own words for concepts such as time, place, image and identity.

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